About us

3Dventure is a custom silicone mold manufacture.

We are a full-cycle manufacturing enterprise that provides comprehensive services for custom silicone mold development and manufacture for both private confectioners and full-fledged confectionery industries, medical industry, creative industry (epoxy/resin makes, candle makes, soap makes), concrete and plaster production and many more. We carry out orders of almost any complexity, without intermediaries. Extensive experience along with the availability of modern equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently perform a wide range of tasks. Making 3D models, master model production, silicone mold production etc.

Our mission is not only to make high quality custom silicone molds but to provide our customers with top class consultation(based on 7 year experience) on how to achieve best results and lowest costs for given task.

We supply our silicone molds all over the world. Our main customers are from USA and Europe (Great Britain and Russia, mainly).