Custom cookie cutters

Cookie cutters made of eco friendly PLA plastic are most relevant for professional confectioners. If you received an order for a large batch of cookies, it's hard to maintain same quality of cookies. come to the rescue.

With the help of cookie cutters, you can achive high production rate and cookies will be more accurate, with edges being way more even.

Cookie cutters with internal contours, which also acts as a stencil, are also worth mentioning. After baking, there will be grooves-contours on top of the product, along which you can easily apply colours on cookies.

Cookie cutters are made of high-strength food grade material - polylactide. Application of the cookie cutters is almost unlimited - not only you can you it on dough, but also clay, mastic, plaster, etc. Strength and durability is confirmed by confectionery companies from all over the world, who actively are using our products on a daily basis.

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