Custom silicone mold

Custom silicone mold

To order a silicone mold, please read the information we need to calculate the cost.

Custom silicone mold shape

There are many different shapes - circle, square, triangle, heart, or something else. Therefore, try to describe in as much details as possible what shape you need the finished product should be. And if it's hard to explain, draw in a program that you know how to use, or just draw on a piece of paper!


Basically, the price depends on the size of the product. Therefore, we need the exact dimensions: length, width, depth. The phrases "like a standard bar of chocolate" or "slightly larger than an A4 sheet" are not exact dimensions and are not suitable for calculation.

Logo or photo

If you want to place a logo or photo, please attach it to your request in pdf or jpg format.
IMPORTANT! Be sure to include information about should it be embossed or pressed in.


If you need an inscription with a specific style, send us the file with the font and the text itself. If the font is not important, we will make the inscription one of the fonts we have available
IMPORTANT! Be sure to include information about should it be embossed or pressed in!

Single or many cavities

We can make one-cavity mold or many cavities mold. Specify the required number of cavities. Please note that the number of cavities greatly affects the price. One cavity silicone molds have the lowest price.

Availability of 3d model

If you have a 3D model of the finished product you need mold for, attach it to your request in step, stp, stl or dwg format

Having a physical model

Sometimes as a "master form" you can use the physical model that you have. Almost any object: a figurine, fruits or vegetables can be used as master form for mold production. It is worth mentioning that this will significantly save the project budget, since we do not have to model the product and produce a master form

For what purposes will the form be used?

A very important point to understand how the form will be used. Be sure to write whether you will pour edible ingredients into it, epoxy resin, concrete or something else. This will allow us to understand what post-processing is needed, the surface of the product, wall thickness and much more. All this affects the cost of the project!

What's next?

After receiving your request, we will calculate the cost of your project and send you a calculation in a response letter. This is what the ideal, in our opinion, request looks like:

  1. Cylinder with logo
  2. Diameter 40mm, Depth 15mm
  3. No logo
  4. The inscription "Thank you" in the center, font Arial, 2-3mm from the edge, the inscription is pressed in
  5. Calculate for 1 and 10 cavities.
  6. No model
  7. No model
  8. Shaping the soap

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