Difference between factory and in-house silicone mold production

What is the difference between our production and factory production? Here are some pros and cons. Let's get started.

3D Venture Factory production
Mold size No size restrictions Usually there are restictions limited to maximum of 60x40 centimeters
Production time frames From idea to complete mold - 5-10 days in average 1-2 months, depending on complexity of the task
Master model Master model cost reduced greatly. Production time takes 1 week in average. High versatility, ability to make corrections. Master model is costly, almost 5-10 times more. Production time - 1+ month. Unable to be revised once made.
Silicone mold weight Usually our molds require more material. That being said, that directly impacts the price of silicone mold Minimal usage of material, optimised cost
Production rate Limited to 3 molds per day from one master model. 20-30 minutes per mold from one master model in average
Operating modes, mold reliability Due to the nature of production, the form itself is denser and has increased reliability. Operating modes are dictated by the material used - in our case, these are the possibilities of cooling to -40 ° C and heating to + 250 ° C The form is thin, with constructive miscalculations when developing a master form, the final product may not be very convenient to use.
End product Limited brending and colour options. Formwork joints may be present on the form. Unlimited branding options, store finished look
Cost per unit At the same cost of material, the cost of products is significantly higher due to weight. On average, the difference in weight is about 2-3 times, depending on the volume. Lowest possible price due to low consumption of production material
Conclusion Our company will fully fullfill your need if: - amount needed is up to 250-500 (depending on technical parameters) of products - urgent production required - mold sizes over 60cm You might choose factory production if: - Amount needed is above 500-1000 units - Professional brending, special paint.
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