Silicone mold application

Application of silicone molds.

Despite the fact that our company began its “silicone story" with satisfying the confectionery needed in terms of custom mold making, soon we faced new tasks, that are very far from the confectionery craft. Silicone molds can be used in completely different fields, but sometimes it is difficult to understand where and how the molds might be applied.

Due to its diverse properties Silicone is superior to most other elastomers. Silicone is the first choice for thermal, weather-resistant or food-related applications and usage.

Right now we provide all-in-one custom solutions for our clients in almost every possible application and large variety of professional usage.

Here are few areas of application for silicone molds:

  • Silicone molds for medical usage
  • Silicone molds for medical usage
  • Silicone molds for gastronomy, confectionary usage
    • Chocolate silicone molds
    • Candy silicone molds
    • Baking silicone molds
    • Mousse cake silicone molds
    • Ice silicone molds
    • Icecream silicone molds
  • silicone molds for industrial production of various kinds (use as gaskets, plugs, insulation)
  • silicone molds for creativity
    • Soap making silicone molds
    • Silicone molds for Plaster
    • Silicone molds for concrete
    • Silicone molds for liquid plastic
    • Resin silicone molds
    • Icecream silicone molds
Силиконовая форма Халк
Силиконовая форма Сердце

Silicone specification

In our production we only use high quality platinum-based professional food/medical grade EU silicones so our customers are assured they receive molds with excellent end-product qualities and performance. The curing agents available are peroxide-curing and addition-curing types. Moulded parts can be produced in hardnesses from 30 Shore to 80 Shore. The properties of the material and the areas of application meet our silicone compounds:

  • Large operating temperature range (can withstand temperatures from -50 to +250 degrees)
  • Resistant to weathering, ageing and UV
  • Very good physiological compatibility
  • Controlled hardeness (from 15 SHORE to 40 SHORE)
  • Food/Medical grade

Production process

We provide all-in-one service, from the developement of idea in cooperation with our customers to making first prototype. Here are default steps of our production process:

  • Generation of the idea, its revision
  • CAD modelling, 3D modelling, technical drawings for a moulded part
  • Creation of small series
  • Creation of prototype
  • Master model creating, postprocessing
  • Silicone mold making
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